Monday, 1 June 2015

Tuesday Talks : Travel Thoughts

'If I got rid of my demons, I'd lose my angels' - Tennessee Williams 

I haven't been writing much lately so I have decided to share a quick update. So far queenstown has been a bit of a rollarcoaster of emotions. It hasn't been easy but it's been such a learning experience that I wasn't expecting it to be (nor did I want haha).
I think when everyone moves away they go through the same thing. It's confusing and lonely and scary yet it's still amazing and exciting all at the same time. A bit of a mindfuck. Nobody really tells you about the downside because they are too busy trying to show that they are having the best time of their life. But let's be real, you can't have the best time of your life every single minute of every single day. I don't care where in the world you are, it's just not going to happen. Before you move away you have all these expectations in your head of what things are going to be like but nothing ever goes how you think it will. 

For me personally it always seems that when some things have been going bad, other things in my life start going great. It's exciting not knowing what the next day brings but at times it can be really draining.
It's just all part and parcel of the adventure and no good adventure ever happened easily (yes I may of just made that up).That's the fun and excitement of it all (isn't it?).

There are days when you really should make the effort to get out there and see people and do things. On these days I always find that I feel so much better for it. I either bump into people and make plans or meet new people. Just the other day I called into my boyfriends work to see him and got chatting to a girl he works with. We clicked straight away and next thing you know she's taking me out for dinner haha sorry Lorcan. No but really we did go for dinner and drinks and it was so nice to feel like somebody else is in the same position as you. If I hadn't called into him or at least stayed a while longer which I wasn't going to do for fear I looked like a loner at the bar, I wouldn't of got talking to her and we wouldn't of gone out and I'd still be thinking 'I'm such a freak who can't make friends'. Then there have been days when I have just been feeling sorry for myself and haven't left the house and I think that's ok too. We all need to do what we have to to feel better. I like to be alone sometimes so I can gather myself and my thoughts and emotions so that when I am around others I am the best I can be. On these days I feel lucky to be in such a beautiful place so that I can go for a walk or bike ride alone and take in all the beauty of Queenstown. Just make sure your not doing this all the time because you might get seriously depressed which is no laughing matter. Our mental health is so important so it's all about balancing the two. Looking after ourselves and having alone time and socialising and interaction with others.

I think in life we are all given challenges that are personal to us and our self growth. We have to overcome them in order to move on or else these same challenges will keep coming back to haunt us. 
For me I just need to have faith that everything will work out in the end and I will come out of this a better person.
I think in the few months that I have been away I have gone through a lot more than many people have, and if there was one way to turn someone off travel forever that would of been it haha. But I'm not ready to give up, I'm only just getting started. I am nervous for whatever more life lessons I have to learn. Why can't it just all be perfect?? Whyyy?  Haha but I'm ready because you cannot appreciate the good without the bad (or something along those lines).

Monday, 11 May 2015

Tuesday Talk : Homesickness

So today's post is about something a little closer to home, literally! Just a little chat about feeling homesick..I'm sure it's something a lot of people either have or will experience and it's a maybe not so fun side to travel but it happens and that's just life! I've been in New Zealand now for almost two months and since I've been here I have gone through an array of different emotions. Naturally I was nervous and anxious about the unknown before I left, but also extremely excited and ready to leave.

Then upon leaving I felt hardly any sadness (I barely shed a tear while my mum was in floods- soz mummy)band even when I got here I still just felt completely buzzed. Now fast forward a few weeks and being past the 'holiday' phase I guess I feel kind of stuck in a rut. 

To be honest I don't know if I'm just a typical female who doesn't have a clue what she actually wants and just being emotional or if I am going mad (maybe a mixture of them all). Either doesn't feel good. To be honest I think it all boils down to the fact that now that I am working again and everyday life must go on without exiting  adventures all the time, I'm starting to feel a little bored and restless. 

We are here, in Queenstown NZ living in a beautiful house with two other friendly housemates,with jobs..I literally have nothing to complain about but I guess where there's a will there's a way! Only joking I don't mean to moan..I'm all about positivity but from time to time we can all feel a bit down without having any other reason other than being a crazy biatch.

I made the decision to leave my home, in search for excitiment and adventure! I love it back home, but I just wanted a change of scenery for a while. I'm so fortunate that I can do this because a lot of people don't get to do this in their whole lives and I managed (even being the biggest airhead) to get myself to the other side of the world. It's just that life goes on back home, and although I knew this and I am in no way wanting to go back any time soon, I guess I just wish I could have my family and friends close by from time to time. The chit chat and greeting everyone with a smiley face gets tiring and sometimes I just want my mum to hug, my friends to get drunk with and have the banter, my dogs or my little baby niece to cuddle or my moody teenage niece to have the girly chats with. Basically to just be around people who know and understand me. I am mainly afraid of missing so much but I know that's crazy. I have had siblings who have travelled and when they returned it was like they were never gone. And I know one day I will be home and in college and back to normal life and I will be waiting for my next travel adventure, but you know we all have our off days and if you are unfortunate enough to be like me in the sense that you over analyse everything, then I truly feel for you!!

At the moment here in Queenstown the weather is pretty bad. Most days are rainy with the clouds so low you cant see any of the beautiful mountains. It's pretty f**king cold and just overall pretty gloomy. I suppose this is reason enough for anyone to feel a little glum. 
I think I am happiest when I am moving about going from one place to another, especially if these are places that happen to have sun..oh sun how I've missed you. From what I gather from work etc a lot of people are in the same boat..just going home from work and not doing anything due to money or the weather etc. 

For the meantime until the ski slopes open and we actually have something fun to do, I'm going to try keep myself occupied.  Falling into a slump is the last thing I want to do. Keeping busy is probably the best thing to do so if you are looking for ideas (and are on a budget like me) here are a few things I have been finding useful over the last week or so:

•blogging of course!
•exercising - I know it's the last thing anyone wants to do when they are feeling  fed up but it's the best thing you could do. If you can't find the motivation to go outside then do some workouts in home watching YouTube.nEven just 15/30 mins will make you feel better. Plus by the time we do see the sun we don't want no muffin tops up in here.
• Study/read - at the moment I am doing an online psychology course just to keep my brain working and for something to do! I eventually want to go back to college at home and study so this kind of keeps me focused aswell. There are so many courses online even free ones and even if they don't give you a great qualification, it's interesting and keeps your mind occupied.
•Cooking - I loooove eating out. It's one of my favourite things to do because I just don't like being cooped up in home all the time. I usually am too lazy to cook aswell haha! Since we've been in New Zealand though we haven't had the money to eat out all the time so we've been cooking a lot more. I'm actually really enjoying it and I personally like to have the music blaring while I cook up a storm!!
• listening to music - I personally use music as a sort of medication. I think it effects my mood a if I'm any way emotional I can't listen to sad song! So if I put on something upbeat or a little cray cray it always puts me in a better mood (Beyoncé always works wonders)So if your sitting/lying in silence basking in your own self pity..honestly just put on some music. It will help so much :)
•Talking about it - now maybe don't scare off all your new friends or soon to be friends by saying how much you miss home and all your way cooler friends back there ( haha). I mean talk about it to people closest to you..for me it's my boyfriend because well he's here with me, but even sometimes he doesn't understand me ( being a male and all)so I would email a friend or my mum. Sometimes it's good to just get an outside perspective because your own thoughts will drive you mad. When I told my friend back home that I was having trouble making friends she just laughed and said it was basically because I'm a freak and could I not just rent some friends haha! What a friends for eh...
Moving on..
•Pamper yourself - I've been having a lot of long warm showers (mainly because it's freezing everywhere else) and making body scrubs etc. The days are very short at the moment and it's usually long dark cold evenings so even though it was just winter in Ireland..I just see it as extended preparation for the summer I hope to one day see!! Haha. 
•Taking vitamins- I try to take a cod liver oil capsule everyday along with a vitamin D or C supplement..I think for me at the moment Vitamin D is really important since I haven't been having much sun. Just basically keep yourself healthy.
• Finally , work on your hobbies - for me it's drawing. I haven't drawn in so long but I went and bought some charcoal and a sketch pad and I've been doing a lot of it since I've been here. I'm also become involved in the #ArtyProject for something to do (you can read about that in my previous post). Another thing I've been wanting to start here is yoga but again money is a big factor and things are expensive here, but I'm going to make it a priority. Tonight there's just a meditation class for $10 which is really good and I hope that will clear my mind a bit. I've also finished Orange is the new black, am totally up to date on all the Game Of Thrones and have started watching Mad Men and Friday Night ya I've become a bit of a Netflix freak. I've never ever been big into watching shows, usually only ever watching Game of Thrones but you know, winter will do that to you!!

Anyhow I know this has been a lot of rambling but I hope this has helped even a little bit for someone who is in a similar situation!! 

Finally I just want to add that one of my favourite quotes is 
'This too shall pass'
Basically meaning ...nothing last forever and everything is temporary. Happiness, sadness, life! So whatever way your feeling right now, it won't last. This crappy weather in Queenstown won't last.
I just wanted to add that in!! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week :) 

Friday, 1 May 2015

I'm in Queenstown baby

WE ARE HERE! and it has lived up to all of our expectations.

To fill you in so far...Myself and my boyfriend Lorcan decided to leave Ireland in March and our plan was to come to Queenstown (with a short stop in Auckland on the way- Amazing!!) and then just see what happens. We don't have any major plans but we know we want to stay in Queenstown for snow season and enjoy everything it has to offer (except for the extremely low temperatures).

Our first impressions were that this place looks like something from a fairy tale (as you can see from my picture above which was taken from my bedroom window). I don't think I will ever ever tire of the scenery. Sunset is my favourite time of day anyway but something truly magical happens here when the sun starts to set and it's at times like that I wish I had a proper camera and not just my iphone (i am investing in a proper one). So far we haven't done much in terms of the usual adrenaline junkie stuff people do here, but we will get to that. We love just going down by the lake, grabbing some smoothies in Patagonia chocolates (a little cafe by the lakefront- amazing) and watching all the ducks. We then started feeding them and making up stories about their lives. We know they aren't as innocent as they seem to be!! No no..those ducks have some crazy shit going down. I know you would think our favourite thing to do in Queenstown so far would be a bit crazier than watching ducks but it's honestly so therapeutic. 
(Just as a little side note: whenever I go to Type 'fuck' autocorrect changes it to duck..and honestly when I wrote 'duck' it changed it to 'fuck'. LOL)
The Queenstown gardens are another favourite place to relax and feel at peace. They also have tennis courts there and it has a lovely walk that brings you right back around to the lakefront.

So far I got work in a hostel, called Nomads Hostel. We stayed here our first week or so and I got chatting to a few of the staff, and next thing they told me they were hiring and then wadayaknow I'm hired!! Apparently we are in quiet season now so I feel very fortunate to have got a job so fast. I'm a housekeeper in the hostel and I won't lie and say its glamorous, BUT it will do. The hours are good (like 30-40 a week) and my pay is $15 and hour which isn't too bad. The word apparently on the street is that you won't get much bettter than that here.

I feel very fortunate but as if that wasnt lucky enough...our friend here knew a girl who was looking for a couple to move into her place...what are the actual chances?? I'm telling you this positive thinking thing really works. Only now that I am writing it all down am I realising how weirdly lucky we got....freaky shit.

As far as I can see from other people looking for places to live, Its difficult. Every place that gets advertised in the lakes ( the local free paper) seems to be snatched up pretty much straight away, and if you go through an agency they charge a letting fee, plus a couple weeks rent PLUS a bond and you will need references. So ya...a bit of a hassle. My advice would be to ask a place like this its all about who you know unfortunately. A lot of agencies want people to sign year contracts etc so it will be difficult to find a place, but some people might be looking for someone to stay for a couple of months. Same goes for will just have to keep asking around. A lot of jobs don't get advertised so just be really friendly and keep asking. In the busy seasons apparently there is work everywhere but if your timing is great like ours and you find yourself here in quiet season..that's just what you'll have to do.

At this present moment I am sitting in my living room over looking lake Wakatipu ( I don't know how to say it either..) the main lake of Queenstown. The town centre sits right on the shore of the lake which is then nestled in by the surrounding southern Alps. As you can imagine this makes for quite a view. Our house is out a bit from the town center and is with everything that is out of the town center..its uphill. As if our balcony with spectacular views wasn't enough, we also have a nice big window in our room so when I sit up in bed, I look straight over the mountains and lake. Its pretty surreal. It hasn't quite sunk in that we are here, let alone living in our own place with such beautiful views. A few days ago I woke up at stupid o'clock for work (6.30 am starts..I told you it wasn't glamorous) and as I was walking down I could see that all along the tops of the mountains were covered in snow. It was quite a magival view to wake up to first thing.

Although its not quite winter just yet the snow is still just on the tops of the mountains and it is getting super cold AND to my shock and horror it appears it is perfectly normal for houses not to have central heating Here in New Zealand! They must be made of thicker stuff than us Irish. The temperature can drop to -19° and with single glazed windows and no heating they would want to be. At least we have a stove where all of us can huddle around and not leave the one room, like the good ole days!! And I knew my boyfriend would come in handy for something along the way. My very own personal heater. 

Most of the days have been really nice though, still chilly but sunny, although the sky just suddenly got very dark and angry looking and I can hear the wind howling down through the stove..I think I spoke too soon. The word on the street is that we should have nice weather for another few weeks until the real winter kicks in, and then we have to somehow brave it through the harsh winter and hope we make it out alive. Only joking..but seriously. I feel like I am in Game Of Thrones... Winter is coming and I'm daenerys of course and daenerys don't do cold. I won't lie I'm not really looking forward to the whole freezing our asses off. I'm all for being snuggly in the snow with some hot chocolate and fluffy slippers but that's only if I actually AM snuggly. I am feeling seriously sun deprived if I'm honest but it's still amazing here.

The one thing I am looking forward to this winter is of course skiing! I've never been before and I cant wait to finally experience it. There are three different ski resorts here so I think we are going to try them all..only joking. We missed the early bird offer so it really just comes down to the cheapest place. I literally cannot wait. I just know that I will love it even though I'll probably be crap. Ahhh the excitement. I'm not sure if you can stay up at any of the resorts but how cute would that be..staying in a little winter cabin looking out over the snowy mountains. A girl can dream. 

Speaking of girls and dreaming..if you are dreaming of coming here for shopping you better dream again. One thing Queenstown is known for is for being really really expensive. I mean of course it has it all. Mountains, lakes, snow, sun...not to mention it's the adrenaline AND nightlife Capitol. The town centre itself is small and so I guess places can afford to sell overpriced merchandise. There are bus loads of tourists flocking in every single day, it's actually crazy. So many people from so many different parts of the world. I'm sure New Zealanders don't really feel like this is New Zealand. It's quite an extraordinary place though so with that being comes at a price. 

I stupidly only brought one backpack with me and small little carry on bag. I was trying to be super efficient but turns out I was just being super dumb (I want to do a whole other post about what to pack for New Zealand). As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm a bit of an airhead so of course it's only natural that I forgot something, I'm surprised it wasn't my head. I left practically all my major items of makeup that I ALWAYS used behind. How you may ask?? Well basically I was staying in my boyfriends house a few nights before we left and we had a big going away party so of course I had my makeup there, and then I forgot it all because I'm just totes smart. 

Anyhow it was not the end of the world but when I did finally get paid after a couple of weeks work (I was awaiting my IRD number which you need for working here for tax purposes, just FYI) I Firstly we bought food because A weeks worth of shopping came to about $120. Bare in mind this is getting the cheapest option of pretty much everything. It comes as a bit of a shock to the system. I'm so used to having an Aldi, lidle, and a tesco within  walking distant where I could buy all my ingredients for dinner with less than €10. 

But that's not where it ends...oh no. Of course I just had to go and buy me some makeup. I mean I was doing pretty well for the last month and a bit but I couldn't wait a minute longer. So I got these four items 

plus a small bottle of bondi sands tan (it had to be done..) and it all came to $136. I did feel quite ashamed of myself I won't lie, but also worryingly happier. No money to pay rent?? ..ah well, at least my eyebrows are on point. 

That last parts a joke by the way..I swear. 

Well that's pretty much the low down so far. We are settling in and adjusting to the new life style which is pretty relaxed. It's such a lovely safe place to live but it also has a wild side which makes it even better.

Today is the big mayweather vs pacquiao fight and I'm off work tomorrow so yes you guessed it...time to get my  party pants on. 💃

Let me know what you think in comments:) do you ever want to visit Queenstown? Have u ever been here? 
I'd love to hear all about it so drop me a comment if you like! 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Feeling The Fear

...And doing it anyway!

Hello hello!

The idea for this blog post was sparked when I received a lovely text from my Mum a few weeks ago. I had confessed to her my fears about going to New Zealand and how uncertain I was feeling. I was so reluctant all along to admit I was afraid just because I felt so silly. Once I spoke about it though I instantly felt so much better. I then was reminded of an article my friend sent me a while back when I confided in her about my fears of travel. It's a blog post by NomadicMatt called 'how to overcome your fears' and I would really recommend having a read if you are in the same position I was. I went back and had a read myself and it really got me thinking of my own ways I helped myself cope with being afraid of travel. I know on some level it's normal to feel fear about uprooting your whole life, quiting your job and spending all the money you have on travelling to the other side of the world. It's sounds pretty scary doesn't it? Fuck yes. But knowing the fear is normal did not make me less scared.
The worst part about feeling afraid is that this was something I had always thought about, daydreamed of, planned and finally saved up to do make it all happen. I spent months fantasising about leaving my job and packing my backpack, bursting with excitement. Then suddenly, without any warning, I was there with my visas sorted, flights booked and I was questioning my own sanity. 

It all just came on me like a ton of bricks, except the bricks were replaced with tears. I slowly stopped looking up great things to do in New Zealand and started thinking of every worst case scenario that could happen. Every conversation I have with people seems to be revolved around my trip and how it's getting close (I know how close it's need to remind me) and how jealous they are and how exciting it all is etc etc. I struggled to pretend I was excited when really I was overcome with fear. Everyone kept telling me how normal it is to be a small bit scared but that I should be more excited than scared. This was more alarming to me because I was definitely more scared than excited. 

I have never experienced anything like this. It's not like going on a holiday and knowing you will be back home safe and sound within a few weeks. No no...this is a whole other kettle of fish. Mainly I was annoyed at myself because I was the one ruining the excitement for myself. I wanted this, I made it happen and then I turned into a big scaredy cat.
If you are feeling like I was and suddenly find yourself terrified of all the unknown that surrounds such a big life changing decision, then keep reading. These are all the things I did to help myself and Fast forward to now I am literally overcome with excitement. I have just finished up work and I am feeling so free and ready to start the next chapter of my life. No going back now :) 

1. Tip numero uno- Let it out 
Talking about it really helps. Even the writing process of this blog post helped. If you are lucky enough like me to have a travel partner then confide in them. They might be just as scared in which case you will be a comfort to one another, and if not they will help get you excited again. I know my boyfriend is sh**ing it just like me. It is all so new to us but he's being great. Don't feel like you have to keep it all inside and pretend you are really excited. Firstly people will see through it and secondly it really doesn't do any good for anyone. Let it out, cry if you have to! Write down all your fears. Your body needs to release the tension and once it has it will make room for all those positive  thoughts to start flowing again. 

2. Ask those who have done it
This one is pretty self explanatory. If you know anyone who has moved abroad, and chances are you do in this day and age when half of Ireland has moved to Australia etc., then ask them how they felt before they went. Most people will tell you they were pretty nervous. And if things went great for them then chances are they will for you too. I know people who have gone away and may never return here to live, I know people who have gone and come back but who given the chance would go away again, and I know very very few people who have gone and come back because it didn't work out. 

3. Remind yourself why you are doing this
For me travel is always something I have wanted to do. I want to see the world and experience new cultures. I want to skii and scuba dive and swim in crystal clear waters. I am sick of looking at the world in books and on a TV screen. For me it's all about the experiences and broadening my horizons. I was feeling very lost in life and sick of working aimlessly so I decided it was the perfect time to make my travel plans, especially since my boyfriend was totally on board aswell. I'm going to miss my family and friends so much but it's time for the next chapter in my life and sticking around here doesn't really seem too appealing to me. So whatever your reasons for booking those flights..remember them and remind yourself of them every day. 

4. Get organised
If there's one thing that is going to add to your fear it's being unorganised. You really don't want to get to the other side of the world and realise you forgot some vital documents or that you left it too late to sort some things out. Do it right now. Get your shit together and then at least you can relax for a while before you go. Panic over. 

5. Think of other times you were afraid 
When you do this you will realise that almost all of those times you were afraid, you had absolutely no reason to be. We always build things up to be so much worse in our heads and things always end up being better than what we thought they would be. I know that starting my most recent job I was so nervous and scared and now I couldn't imagine being nervous about going in there, the place is like my second home. I know I will be nervous about whatever new job I start in New Zealand, but I know it will all be fine! Better than fine in fact. Unless your life is in immediate danger, the feeling of fear is pretty much useless. Do not let fear win! 

6. Think of how lucky you are
Think of all the people you know who only wish they could be setting off on a new adventure like you. I'm sure you know some people who make up all kinds of excuses not to go, going back to my previous tip, do not let the fear win. These people only wish they had the guts to go and book those flights. Maybe you will even inspire other people to do it, but that's not going to happen if you back out now.

7. Think positively
This one may seem obvious but honestly it takes work. Just when you start thinking positively before you know it your mind is consumed with thoughts about anything bad that could happen on your trip. You might think you are being logical by thinking of all the worst case scenarios but honestly your not. Do not even entertain these thoughts for a moment longer. Start filling your head instead with all the amazing things that could happen. For every thing that could go wrong, I guarantee there are so many more that could go right but you will never know unless you take the risk.

8. You can always come home
This one is the hardest for me to accept. If I go away and end up wanting to come home I will feel like such a failure but I need to remind myself that there really is no shame in it. Every one of us needs to do what is best for ourselves and not make decisions based on what people will think. The people who matter will understand and support me and the people who don't well, their opinion is insignificant. If you go away, and realise it really is not for you, then you can come home at any time. You know that you tried it and if you didn't you would regret it but now you can make another life plan, one where moving abroad is not a part of it. Another lesson learned. 

Going back to that lovely text my Mother sent me, she said "Making a big life change is pretty scary, but know whats even scarier ?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Keeks who?

Welcome to my new blog, keeks seeks! I'm glad you came by for an ole read. 

My name is Ciara O'Connor and I am currently living in Cork City, Ireland. I am 22 years old and I am not sure how I feel about this fact. I decided what better time to start my own blog because I am not getting any younger! Hashtag newyearnewme and all that jazz. 

My nickname is 'keeks' and keeks seeks just had a nice ring to it and so that's how that blog name came about. I don't want to cage myself into writing about one particular topic but I do of course have a few things I am most passionate about. I will blog about my future travel plans (tips/advice etc). Although people call me a hippy, I do love an ole shlap of makeup and tan as much as the next person...probably a bit more. I even completed a make up course. I love making body scrubs and nourishing my skin and hair with the least amount of chemicals as possible. Oh and most importantly I wouldn't call myself a foodie per se but..I do love to eat. A lot.

Me after completing my make-up course
Eating in my favourite cafe, Orso, Pembroke street, Cork.

I grew up in ballincollig (mostly) and since as long as I can remember I was dreaming about travelling the world, as cheesy as it sounds. I detested school and I had no clue who I was or what I wanted to be all I knew was I wanted to get out of Ballincollig as fast as I could! And that I did. 

When I was 18 I started working in a bar in Cork city and although I knew this was not the direction I wanted my life going in, at least I had a job right? I was soon making a lot of money each week which was an accomplishment for me. I loved that feeling of being independant. I wasn't fortunate enough to have parents who could fund me through college or fund me in general so my options were pretty limited. I had to work. I continued to work in various bar jobs up until now and I really feel like I have learned a lot of valuable life lessons. The main one being I do NOT want to be a barmaid for the rest of my life haha ( not that there's anything wrong with that). I did have some great times and I made some amazing friends. I wouldn't take it back because all those jobs have made me realise more clearly what it is I want (and don't want). My plans to travel were always looming in the back of my mind but I never felt quite ready, until now.

Almost two years ago when I started my most recent job, I decided I was going to finally start planning my travels. I didn't want to work in another job watching the money disappear on pointless crap each week and feeling miserable for it. I set up a direct debit account to save a certain amount of my wages each week into my credit union account so as I couldn't drunkenly take those funds out of an ATM. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I booked my one way flight to New Zealand. 

I am more than ready to leave Cork as much as I do love it. I need to take the risk and fulfill this urge to travel that I have had since forever. I have no idea what to expect and I don't have much plans once I get to New Zealand but what I do have are a particular set of skills..(I joke). I do know that I want to keep travelling and blog about all of the experiences that I have (with a few guest appearances from my boyfriend who is coming with me). 

I want to share my story to inspire other guys and gals who want to quit their jobs and travel. It can be done. You don't have to be rich trust me, you just have to chose whether you want those new clothes or that night out or do you want to travel? The choice is always yours. It's not always easy I won't lie, theres always going to be some excuse but you owe it yourself to put that money into your travel fund and make it happen!! 

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will." -George Bernard Shaw

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